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Online Criminal Record Check in Montreal, CA

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Criminal Record Check Montreal

Processing criminal record checks in Montreal is easy and requires you to have certain documents. You also have to provide personal information, and it will be performed almost instantly. There are many reasons a person would want to have a background search in Montreal. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • US entry waiver application

  • For employment

  • Record Suspension (Pardon) application

  • Volunteer work

  • Immigration

  • Adoption

  • Name change

  • Working in the vulnerable sector

  • Business licenses

  • Educational programs

If you’ve been offered a job or a volunteer position, you’ll be asked to provide a criminal record check. It is a name-based search that will tell the interested party if the applicant has a clean record or not. It will not list the convictions and takes up to two days to get a confirmation.

If the search results show the existence of a criminal record, the applicant may be required to provide fingerprints. Such results may be due to their existing criminal record, or their name and date of birth matched to someone else’s identity.

Many accredited and authorized private companies can provide criminal record checks for you in Montreal. Instant Record Check is one of the companies that offer this service. Contact us today for any inquiry, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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What is a Criminal Record Check?

It is an information verification process conducted by an authorized government agency, mostly the RCMP, to identify whether or not there is a criminal record against your name. Once your name is associated with a crime in the RCMP database, it does not go away. 

However, you can apply for record suspension that allows your criminal record to be kept separate from other criminal records. Under the Criminal Records Act, one can apply for a record suspension after they complete their sentences and prove they have good conduct in the community. Some record suspension applications are not accepted in Canada, such as defiling a minor.

In Canada, any criminal conviction without suspension will last up to 80 years before it’s removed from the record as standard. Criminal record checks carried out by searching the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system is the only official method of performing criminal record checks in Canada. The results obtained from police checks are the records of convictions.

Criminal Record Check at Police Headquarters in Montreal

The Montreal police issues certificates of good conduct and Judicial record checks at Saint Urbana headquarters. If the applicant is seeking a US entry waiver or Record Suspension, they have to attend the local police headquarters for local police checks.

Certified Criminal Record Check

A Certified Criminal Record Check is required if the applicant is seeking a US Entry Waiver or Record Suspension. It is a document obtained from the RCMP stating all the details of your criminal convictions. 

The applicant has to provide electronic fingerprints to request this type of check.

Vulnerable Sector Check

If the applicant is seeking to work with vulnerable members, they have to undergo vulnerable sector checks. It requires the applicant to submit the fingerprints. It can take up to three days to get the results if there is no match to the applicant’s name. However, it may take up to four months if there is a match.

Get the best criminal record checks service at Instant Record Check. We serve you within the required timeline and deliver promptly. Contact us today with any questions or for more details.

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Obtaining an online criminal record check in Montreal, CA is a straightforward process that requires specific documents and personal information.

Instant Record Check is one of the authorized private companies offering this service. There are various reasons individuals seek background searches in Montreal, such as employment, volunteer work, immigration, name change, and more.

When applying for a job or volunteer position, a name-based criminal record check is typically requested, providing confirmation of a clean record within two days. In cases where a criminal record exists, fingerprinting may be required due to potential name and identity matches.

Record suspension applications can separate an individual’s criminal record from others, although certain convictions are not eligible for suspension. Montreal police headquarters issue certificates of good conduct and judicial record checks, while certified criminal record checks require electronic fingerprints and are necessary for US entry waivers or record suspensions.

For individuals working with vulnerable members, vulnerable sector checks are mandatory, involving fingerprint submission and varying processing times. Instant Record Check offers reliable and timely criminal record check services. For inquiries or further information, feel free to contact Instant Record Check today.

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