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Reference Checks in Mississauga: The Key to Successful Hiring Practices

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In the competitive job market of Mississauga, Ontario, employers face the challenge of finding the right candidates to join their teams. In a reliable hiring process, reference checks play a major role. This blog post will focus on the significance of reference checks in “Sauga” and explore their role in the employment process.

The Role of Background Checks in the Hiring Process:

Record checks play a very important role in the hiring process. They allow employers to gather additional information beyond what candidates provide in their resumes and interviews. Background checks provide valuable information about a candidate’s qualifications, character, and work attitude. This helps employers make informed hiring decisions.

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Employers Must Get Permission

Employers need to be aware of the privacy laws in Canada. One of the most important ones is The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This act spells out how a private-sector organization collects, uses, and works with personal information. Every employer and hiring manager should know the 10 fair information principles. There is also something known as the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) which protects information on people who committed crimes between the ages of 12 and 18.

In a nutshell, employers MUST get permission from an applicant to do any sort of criminal record check. Employers also need to be clear on what type of police record check they need for the position. Include a section on the company’s application form for a signature. The section should detail why you’re getting the check and how you will handle the information.

Definition of Reference Checks:

Reference checks involve reaching out to a candidate’s given references to gather information about their past performance, skills, and reliability. In addition to basic checks, there are four main types of criminal record checks commonly conducted in Mississauga, namely:

Name-Based Criminal Record Checks

This check involves searching a person’s criminal history records at the national and local levels. It will provide information as to any criminal background. This is because it checks against the RCMP’s Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. This check can reveal a lot – but only if you have the correct spelling of the applicant’s name and birthdate. If they have changed their name, this check will not show any arrests, active warrants, or history of
jail time.

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Judicial Matters Checks (CPIC)

This check focuses on a person’s involvement in any present criminal court cases or outstanding charges. This can help employers decide if the potential legal effects might affect their ability to perform the job. This is done through the Canadian Criminal Real-Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) and the National Repository of Criminal Records. This, too, is name-based with no fingerprints required.

RMPC Certified Criminal Record Check

This police record check is much more thorough because it DOES require fingerprints that are run through CCRTIS. This allows employers to know for sure that the applicant is who they say they are. It will show any police charges or convictions, but NOT of sexual offences (see below).

This certified criminal record check requires Mississauga residents to visit their Peel regional police station. They will be asked to show a photo ID and one other government-issued identification (to validate address). Other Ontario residents can go to their regional police stations to get fingerprinted. They also have the option of using an RCMP-authorized private fingerprinting company.

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Vulnerable Sector Check

This police record check is specifically needed for employees who work or volunteer with vulnerable people, such as children, older people, or people with disabilities. It includes everything in the certified criminal record check plus any record suspensions (pardons) for sexual crimes.

Not all vulnerable people are obvious; employers may have employees with PTSD, histories of sexual abuse, etc. By doing a vulnerable sector check on candidates, employers can help their employees feel safer at work.

Importance of Background Checks in the Employment Process

Background checks, including reference checks, are the most important steps in the hiring process. They help employers reduce the risk of hiring a bad candidate by uncovering any red flags, mistakes, or possible character issues. By validating a candidate’s skills and experience through reference checks, employers can be sure that the information given matches the job requirements. What’s more, reference checks provide an understanding of a candidate’s work style and personality, helping employers evaluate their fit within the company.

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How Reference Checks Fit into the Hiring Process

Reference checks are usually done in the final stages of the hiring process. After looking at the resumes and interviewing people, employers identify promising candidates and request their references. The information gathered allows employers to confirm their impression of the candidates and decide on the best one.

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Conducting Effective Reference Checks

When conducting reference checks, it is very important to contact references professionally, getting permission (as mentioned) from the candidate ahead of time. Best practices for contacting references include keeping private information private, writing down the responses, and keeping the collected data safe. Creating effective reference check questions focuses on areas such as the candidate’s performance, teamwork skills, reliability, and ability to handle challenges.

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The Benefits of a Criminal Record Check

Reference checks offer many benefits to employers in Mississauga. They reduce the risk of hiring a bad candidate by showing any possible problems that may affect job performance or organizational fit. By confirming a candidate’s skills and experience, employers can know that the candidate possesses the necessary qualifications for the role. Also, reference checks provide a valuable understanding of a candidate’s work style, personality, and ability to work with others effectively, helping in the evaluation of their compatibility with the team and organizational culture.


In the competitive job market of Mississauga, employers should use reference checks to guarantee a successful hire. By doing effective reference checks, employers can reduce risks, validate candidate information, and gain a valuable understanding of their qualifications, character, and work style. Keep in mind that you must get permission to do any kind of criminal record check, including a judicial matters check, a vulnerable sector check, and a certified criminal record check.

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