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What is the RCMP Online Criminal Record Check Processing Time?

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RCMP Criminal Record Check Processing Time

In the recent past, the time it takes for RCMP to process applications for certified criminal records checks has become much faster. Those with criminal records are getting their results in almost the same timeframe as those without any criminal records.

Types of Fingerprinting

There are two main methods for fingerprinting

  • Digital fingerprinting 
  • Traditional ink fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting refers to the use of a high-definition scanner to take your fingerprints. It’s usually combined with a criminal record check application before they are transferred electronically through a secure portal.

Unlike the digital process, traditional fingerprinting involves taking your fingerprints on paper using ink. You’ll then submit this together with the application forms. While all these methods are valid, most people prefer the electronic process because it is more convenient.

RCMP Criminal Record Check Processing Times

RCMP always strives to get results within 120 days in most cases. Submitted digital fingerprints that do not match any criminal records can give the results in about three days. Ink and paper fingerprints that do not match any criminal record can give results in about 120 days and take a few more days to receive via mail. Any digital fingerprints matching a criminal record can take about 120 days to get results, while ink and paper fingerprints matching a criminal record can take between 120 days and 180 days.

Processing times vary significantly depending on a number of factors, such as the amount of information on record when a match is found, and how clear is the record that matched the fingerprints. RCMP cross-checks information in case of partial or incomplete information to ensure the results are always as accurate as possible.

Why Do RCMP Require Fingerprints?

Fingerprints are used in identifying the applicant for criminal record checks. The name-based search is not reliable and can be faked or the applicant’s name and date of birth could match the records of another person. Fingerprints are unique to every person and they are a definitive way of identifying the records associated with the applicant. RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) are responsible for the criminal record check process using fingerprints.

Processing Fees

RCMP criminal record check may also attract some fees. Commonly known as fingerprint-based criminal checks, you may be required to pay the federal and local processing fees.

  • Federal Fees – For each criminal record check, the federal processing fee is $25. In some instances, this fee might be waived. This fee is usually collected by an accredited company taking your fingerprints or the federal police. This is in addition to what’s charged by the accredited company or your local police.
  • Local service Fee- This fee is normally decided by the local police agency or the company taking your fingerprints. For more information about the fees, get in touch with them. This fee is in addition to the federal fee.

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