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Police Check Cambridge

If you’re a resident of Cambridge city and want to apply for a background check, you can visit Waterloo Regional Police Headquarters, Waterloo Regional Police South Division, or Cambridge Bay Detachment. One can apply in Cambridge online only. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email notification to pick up the results at Waterloo, Kitchener, or Cambridge divisions. 

However, if your results were mailed through the post, you have to wait for them to arrive. Currently, essential workers are given priority in queuing. For more information, contact any police service near you, and you’ll be advised accordingly. Alternatively, you can use our services to ensure you get your results in time. Contact us for more information or any clarification.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Applying For Criminal Record in Cambridge

Any applicant is expected to produce two identification documents to verify their identity. The document must have the applicant’s name, date of birth, and addresses. One of the documents must have a photo of the applicant. The following are the accepted identification documents.

Documents accepted bearing the applicant’s photo, name, and date of birth are:

  • Passport
  • Firearms licence (POL, PAL, FAL)
  • Candian citizenship card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Government employment card
  • Military identification card
  • Immigration papers with a photo
  • Health card
  • NEXUS card
  • Indian status card
  • Student’s card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Ontario photo card

Non-photo Identification that gives the applicants name and date of birth include the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Hospital card
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Hunting licence
  • Fishing licence
  • Canadian blood donor card
  • Outdoors card
  • Immigration papers
  • Recent utility bill to verify address if driver’s licence is not available 

Once you have the right types of identification documents, you have to know the type of police record check that applies to your case. Remember, application fees are not refundable, and if you apply for the wrong police record checks, you’ll have to pay another application fee for the correct type.

The following are the available type of record checks

  • Criminal record check
  • Criminal Record and Judicial matters check
  • Vulnerable sector check

Criminal Record Check

It is a background check required in pre-employment screening and those hoping to take volunteer work. Typically, it’s a basic search that requires the applicant’s name, date of birth, and address. This type of search is not intended for volunteers seeking to work with vulnerable people. 

Vulnerable people are persons who, because of their age, condition, or any other circumstance, whether temporary or permanent, have to rely on others. They include children, elderly persons, and people with disabilities. It searches into RCMP’s CPIC database and other local databases for criminal history.

Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check

It is one of the police record checks conducted for applicants who seek to work as volunteers and other employment job opportunities. It is a search that looks for convictions, outstanding charges and warrants, and other judicial orders. Similarly, it is not applicable for anyone seeking volunteer work that involves vulnerable people.

Vulnerable Sector Check

A vulnerable sector check is a unique type of record check required from applicants seeking to be employed as volunteers in a position of trust with vulnerable people. Typically it’s a search for a wide range of offences that include convictions, outstanding charges and warrants, and judicial orders. It will also include sexual offenders with record suspension.  

According to the Criminal Records Act, it’s illegal to conduct a vulnerable sector check for a position that does not meet requirements.

We are an authorized company that conducts background searches, and we can assist you in obtaining your results within the shortest time.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Apply Now Instant Record Check

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