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Criminal Record Check for Vulnerable Sector

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Criminal Record Check Vulnerable Sector

A vulnerable sector check is a criminal record check that goes beyond the standard criminal record checks and searches for the applicant’s record suspension (pardoned) for sexual offences. Note that, in Canada, some offences are ineligible for a record suspension (pardon), such as sexual offences against children and other serious crimes. 

A vulnerable sector check was introduced in 2000 to protect the vulnerable members of society. The vulnerable are people who, as a result of their disability, age, or other circumstances, whether permanent or temporary, have to depend on others. These people are at greater risk of being harmed by the people they trust or in authority. They include children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities.

Applying For Vulnerable Sector Check

Some positions require the applicants to have a vulnerable sector check. These include healthcare workers, teachers, daycare workers, nurses and volunteers. The organization or the person in charge of the vulnerable persons is responsible for requesting the criminal record checks.

The police service where the application is located has to verify if the position stated requires a vulnerable sector check. Similarly, the applicant has to consent in writing for the criminal record search to be conducted. It is the position that determines if the police records check is required or not. Therefore, to meet the requirements for a vulnerable sector check, the organization must provide the following details. 

  • The description of the position the applicant will have with vulnerable people
  • Whether the applicant will have unsupervised access to the vulnerable
  • The applicant’s level of interaction or involvement will have with the vulnerable persons.
  • The name of the organization. If it’s a volunteer, then the letter from the organization stating the applicant will not be paid.

If the police service deems the position meets the requirements for this type of records check, a name-based check is carried out. You may be required to provide fingerprints to ensure the accuracy of the identification process. Once the background check results are out, the police service will send them to the requesting organization.

If you go to any police service near you, they will give you all the information and start the process. Alternatively, if you only require a name-based criminal record check, Instant Record Check is an authorized company to conduct background checks. Get in touch with us to clarify any questions you may have.

The Information on the Criminal Record Check

When a vulnerable record check is conducted, the following information will be disclosed.

  • Criminal convictions from local databases and CPIC
  • The summary of convictions in the last five years since they were identified
  • Findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and their disclosure period.
  • Outstanding entries like warrants and charges, peace bonds, judicial orders, probation and prohibition orders
  • Absolute discharges for one year and conditional discharges for three years
  • All record suspensions as authorized for release by the minister of public safety
  • Any recent cases that one is not criminally responsible because of mental disorders

The vulnerable sector checks are performed by the local police service where the applicant lives.

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