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Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check in Victoria BC

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Home » Image » Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check in Victoria BC

Criminal Record Check Victoria BC

There are many reasons why one may require a criminal record check, and some of the reasons include the following:

  • Pre-employment screening 
  • Immigration
  • Volunteer work
  • Name change 
  • US visa waiver
  • Adoption

Victoria Police Department (VICPD) provides criminal record checks to the residents of Victoria city and the Township of Esquimalt. Residents in other municipalities can contact the local police department.
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Identity Documents Required

To apply for a background check, the applicant should have two government-issued identification documents, and one of them should have a recent photo.

The accepted documents include the following:

  • A passport of any country
  • BC ID card or any other province ID
  • Military ID card
  • Drivers license of any province
  • Citizenship card
  • Status card

Other non-photo ID include the following

  • Health Care card
  • Birth certificate

Applying For Criminal Record Checks in Victoria BC

Currently, the Victoria police department offers only vulnerable sector checks. Applicants seeking non-vulnerable sector checks for employment and volunteer positions are advised to contact third-party organizations accredited by RCMP to access their CPIC and CCRTIS systems. Instant Record Check is one of the accredited companies, and you can get in touch with us to conduct a criminal records check.

What Is a Vulnerable Sector Check

A vulnerable sector check is a particular type of criminal record search that also searches to see if the applicant has a record suspension (pardon) for sexual offences. They were introduced in 2000 to protect vulnerable people like the elderly, children, and people with disabilities. In British Columbia, vulnerable sector checks fall under the Criminal Records Review Program.

Anyone who volunteers to have a job of trust over the vulnerable people must have a vulnerable sector check.

The police service uses the information given by the applicant to determine if the position meets the requirements of the Criminal Records Act to conduct a records check. According to the Act, it’s illegal to run a vulnerable sector for a position that does not meet the requirements.

Impact of Covid 19 in Obtaining Criminal record Check

As the world continues to fight the Covid 19 pandemic, a secure online application process is advised for all applicants. For an applicant to utilize the online application process, they must have the following;

  • Possess a valid email address
  • Applicants must be resident of Victoria or Esquimalt Township
  • Applicants must answer various questions through the Electronic Identity Verification platform
  • Volunteer check applicants must possess digital volunteer copy letters from their respective institutions that have requested the check.

An applicant who needs their fingerprints for identification purposes for a vulnerable sector record check needs to make an appointment with the Victoria Police Department.

Individuals who do not need fingerprints can access the online applications and provide their details. An application fee is charged to facilitate the online process. 

Instant Record Check is an accredited company, that conducts police criminal record checks. Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help you process this important background search.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Apply Now Instant Record Check

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