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Criminal Record Check Thunder Bay

If you are a resident of Thunder Bay and wish to have a background record check, you can go to the police records check office located at the police headquarters at 1200 Balmoral Street. The police records check office is open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm between Monday and Thursday. Usually, it is closed on Fridays. 

To start your background check at Thunder Bay, you need two government-issued identification documents. One of the documents must have your photo, and the process can take up to six weeks to receive your results, depending on the type of search.

Types of Criminal Record Checks

Every year, Thunder Bay police service processes about 6,000 police records and now offers the option of making your application online. In-person application is still accepted, but it will be phased out in the long run.   

Before making your application, you need to know the type of check that applies to your situation. You need to understand that if you apply for a vulnerable sector check when you were supposed to apply for a judicial matters check or police record check, the police department will disqualify your application, and no refunds will be made.

The following are the different types of police record checks you can apply

  1. Police criminal record check
  2. Criminal record and Judicial matters check
  3. Police vulnerable sector check

Police Criminal Record Check

It is the most basic of all the background checks you can apply. The search is a name-based check which will contain the following information:

  • Criminal convictions from the CPIC systems and other local databases.
  • A summary of convictions for five years
  • Local findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check

It is a name-based search for police information checks for criminal convictions together with outstanding charges, warrants, and judicial orders contained in RCMP’s databases and other local police record management systems. This type of search is for applicants for volunteer work and employment that requires background checks, and it has been determined that a search of a pardoned sex offender database is not required. 

The following information will be included in the search:

  • Criminal conviction from CPIC and local data banks
  • The summary of convictions for the past five years
  • Local findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • Outstanding entries like warrants, charges, and judicial orders
  • Absolute and conditional discharges

Police Vulnerable Sector Check

It is another name-based police information check that checks for any criminal convictions, outstanding warrants, charges, and current judicial orders in the RCMP’s data banks. The local police service records management system is also searched. In addition, it searches for a pardoned sex offenders registry for any sexual offence convictions that have received a record suspension (Pardon). This type of search is restricted to applicants for volunteer work or employment in positions of authority on vulnerable people.

The following is the information the will be provided:

  • Criminal conviction from CPIC systems and local databanks
  • The summary of convictions for five years 
  • Absolute discharge and conditional discharge
  • Outstanding entries like warrants, charges, and judicial orders
  • Local findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act 
  • In some cases, non-convictions that meets the public safety assessment
  • Actions not criminally responsible due to mental disorder
  • All record suspensions as authorized for release by the minister of public safety

Thunder Bay police service may require applicants to submit fingerprints for identity verification if the search brings a match. There is a fee for fingerprinting. 

If you are interested in obtaining your police record check, you can contact us. We are an authorized company that offers background record checks.

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