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Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check in Saskatoon, CA

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Home » Image » Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check in Saskatoon, CA

Criminal Record Check Saskatoon

If you reside in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, you can obtain a criminal record check from the Saskatoon police service. There are many reasons that criminal records check may be requested from an individual, and they include the following:

  • Maintain public confidence in the public service;
  • Ensure employees, stakeholders and clients are safe.

Positions That May Require Criminal Record Check

The following job positions may require a criminal record check in Saskatoon;

  • Government job positions require a criminal record check before an offer.
  • Besides ordinary criminal records checks, a vulnerable sector check is required for positions dealing with people with disabilities, the old, and children.
  • Positions that involve third parties’ delivery of service.

Additionally, in Saskatoon, if you are serving in the following appointments or roles, you are required to get criminal record checks:

  • Permanent full-time;
  • Permanent part-time;
  • Non-permanent;
  • Temporary or casual;
  • Personal service contract;
  • Charges for service contract;
  • Term;
  • Students (including work placements);
  • Labour service;
  • Order-in-Council; 
  • Volunteers and individuals in charity work.

In Saskatoon, there are two major ways to acquire your criminal record checks.

  1. Visit Saskatoon Police Service station.
  2. Contact an online legalized criminal records check operator near you.

Saskatoon police Service station

Saskatoon police service is open to the members of the public seeking criminal record checks from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You need to make an appointment during working hours. Visit them and start the process. 

To start the process of criminal records checks, you must produce evidence that you are a resident of Saskatoon. The Saskatoon police may request you give out your driver’s license or bank statements.

Steps To Acquire Criminal Records Check in Saskatoon

The following are the requirements and steps to acquire a criminal record check with the Saskatoon police.

  1. Fill in and complete the criminal record check application forms. You can download the forms from Saskatoon’s police website or get a hard copy from their offices.
  2. Two pieces of official Identity Cards. One with your valid photo, and both must bear your last name.
  3. Fees. The charges are in two parts: $75 for vulnerable record checks and $45 for criminal record checks without vulnerable sectors.
  4. If you are a volunteer, you’ll be required to submit a volunteer letter from the organization. If you fail to have the official introduction letter, then the normal charges for criminal record check will be applied.
  5. You will receive your criminal record results in about two weeks.

The vulnerable sector check is only available to a person above 18 years old. Additionally, the search requires fingerprint submissions.

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