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How to Conduct a Criminal Record Check Online

Criminal Record Check Online
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How to Conduct a Criminal Record Check Online

You can conduct criminal record checks within minutes — all by simply going online.

Across Canada, it’s commonplace for companies to require checks from their applicants. For example, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will need a check when you’re seeking to complete your permanent resident card certificate. Plus, many businesses require the same when applying for a job.

Since there are a few distinct criminal record checks you can apply for, it’s essential to know the different types.

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The Three Different Types of Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check does not require ink fingerprints and can be done entirely online.

Fortunately, a non-certified criminal record check is name-based — meaning all you need is an electronic ID that includes a photo of you along with your full name and date of birth.

Because of this, name-based criminal record checks are the most common type of background checks.

Certified Criminal Record Check

A certified criminal record check requires the documentation of ink fingerprints, your date of birth, and full name for identity verification.

Because of these fingerprinting services, you must travel to your local police service station or an accredited fingerprinting company to have your fingerprints professionally documented. Contact the RCMP for a list of accredited companies.

Note: a certified criminal record check cannot be completed entirely online.

Vulnerable Sector Check

This check requires a criminal check plus a police information check for sexual offences.

That said, a vulnerable sector check is only required when the position entails authority and trust with children and vulnerable people. In fact, it’s an offence to conduct a vulnerable sector check on someone who doesn’t meet the requirements for one.

Subsequently, this check can only be done in person by your local police service.

Where Can You Find a Criminal Record Check Service?

Check Your Local Police Station

With the online world ever-expanding, it’s likely your local station will offer an online application process for criminal checks where you’ll enter your personal information.

So first check your local station’s website or give them a call.

You can also contact Instant Record Checkan accredited online criminal record checking company — to perform a quick check, saving you time and energy.

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Find an Accredited Company Online

A quick Google search will provide you with an abundance of companies and services that provide criminal checks.

As a result, the process of deciding which website to use can be overwhelming and confusing.

To make it easier on yourself, use our safe and comprehensive website, Instant Record Check, to enjoy a quick and simple process. We are fully accredited and understand that this check is a stepping stone for where you really want to go.

Where Do Online Companies Get This Information?

Accredited companies like us who run criminal record checks with your name and birth date have entered into an agreement with the federal and national police services in Canada and community police centres — allowing us to search the National Repository of Criminal Records database.

Our Comprehensive Steps to Completing Your Check

Tip: Have your social insurance number on hand and be ready to answer questions about your credit history and any other information that may be required.

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1. Choose Your Accredited Website

Search Google to find an accredited company to run a criminal record check. For example, at Instant Record Check, we are an accredited, reliable, and safe company that gets the job done quickly.

2. Complete the Online Application Process.

This process includes providing personal information for identity such as:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Current legal address
  • Phone number
  • Sex identification
  • Electronic ID verification
    • You can upload a picture of your driver’s license, passport, or identity card.
    • Facial recognition might be performed, in which your computer will scan your face and compare it to your picture ID.
  • Whether you’ve been convicted of a crime
    • If you have been convicted of a crime, you will be asked what you were convicted of, the date of conviction, and the court location.

3. Pay With Card

Most companies allow all major debit and credit cards when paying for a criminal record check — simply type in your card information.

4. Receive Your Results

After your service provider checks criminal activity, results with a clear criminal history will be delivered sooner than a check that did find matching criminal activity.

Depending on the company you go through, criminal record checks can be processed in anywhere from fifteen minutes to a couple of days — given your record is clear.

If your record does contain criminal convictions, it could take up to 30 days or longer to receive your results.

What’s the Next Step After Your Criminal Record Verification?

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Your next step is to contact us  today if you would like more information on conducting online criminal record checks.

Or, for further reading materials, learn more about how criminal record checks are done in Canada.

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