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Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check in Nova Scotia, CA

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Home » Image » Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check in Nova Scotia, CA

Nova Scotia Criminal Record Check

If you want to apply for a criminal record check in Nova Scotia, you can do it on any regional police online platform, or you can go to any police service near you in person and apply for one. Criminal record checks are typically a name-based search of the country’s repository of criminal convictions. It also searches locally held convictions using the same information.  

Any citizen can request criminal record checks if it’s needed for a volunteer job, pre-employment screening, adoption screening or for many other purposes. 

There are two options that can be used to obtain a criminal record check using basic information. 

  • Online through authorized companies like Instant Record Check
  • In-person. You can call any regional police service for more information.

Apply Now Instant Record Check

Online Criminal Record Check

Before conducting online criminal record checks, confirm whether the organization requesting the checks accepts results in electronic copies. In Nova Scotia,criminal record checks are also conducted by private accredited organizations. The application process is straightforward.

In-person Criminal Record Check

Police service in Nova Scotia conducts in-person record checks from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm within the working days. The police service you are contacting must be within your municipality. You also have to present two forms of hard copy identifications and your current address.

The required identification documents are:

  • Nova Scotia Driver’s License 
  • Nova Scotia ID card
  • Health card
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Social Insurance Number Card  

If you are a new resident of a particular regional municipality, you must present additional information, such as a tenant agreement, to prove that you reside in that municipality. The Nova Scotia police service is not allowed to share your record checks without your permission. After the search is complete, they will only share the results with you.

Vulnerable Sector Check

A vulnerable sector check refers to a unique type of criminal record check or the background check applicable for positions of trust or authority over people with disabilities, the elderly, children, and any other vulnerable group. This type of search uses your date of birth and name to search any matching information in the national repository of criminal convictions, locally held convictions. It also searches the pardoned sex offenders database.

Under certain circumstances, applicants may be required to present fingerprints for identity purposes if there was a match with the searches based on the name and date of birth.

How to complete your Criminal Record Check

  1. Log in to our website and sign in.
  2. Select the type criminal record check.
  3. Verify your identity by providing answers regarding your credit history.
  4. In a short while, we will produce your search results that your local police service will confirm.

Let Instant Record Check conveniently conduct your record check. We make a quick and precise track of your criminal records. Your data is securely protected by an encryption system and our clients trust us for speed and affordable charges. For inquiries on filling your application, visit our website or call us anytime.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Apply Now Instant Record Check

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