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Criminal Record Check Moncton

There are many reasons why one may seek to obtain a criminal record check. Most organizations may want to know your background as part of the screening process. Other reasons may include volunteer work, immigration, adoption, name change, or foreign travel among many other reasons.

Different organizations may request different types of checks depending on their screening process.

In Moncton, background checks can be sought using the following avenues:

  • Police Services– With the help of biographical data such as date of birth and name, the Moncton police service can use local records as well as national police databases to conduct a background check. When necessary, fingerprints may be required for identity confirmation cases.
  • Certified Fingerprinting Services– Fingerprints collected by these accredited firms are collected and submitted to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) body of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to enable National Repository of Criminal Records searches.
  • Name-based search companies- Private companies accredited and authorized to perform a name-based police check do so under an agreement with the police services to access the records of the Canadian Police Information Centre system. The private companies lack direct access to police databases.

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Understanding Criminal Record Checks

These are checks used to determine whether an individual is on record for criminal convictions or charges. When a name-based check is not definite, fingerprints may be required to process an accurate application. This way, people with a criminal past cannot hide their identity.

Types of Criminal Record Checks

In Moncton, there are three types of background checks:

  • A police information check– is commonly referred to as a background check, reference check, police certificate, or record check.
  • A criminal record check– this check is important in determining whether an individual has been convicted or charged with a crime. It is divided into two methods: certified criminal and name-based criminal record checks.
  • A vulnerable sector check- an application of this check involves police information checks plus an extra check to confirm if the person has a suspended sexual offence record. This was created to protect children and vulnerable people.

Certified Criminal Record Checks

If a name-based search returns a criminal record, then fingerprinting needs to be taken for confirmation purposes. Get in contact with an accredited company within Moncton to take and convert your fingerprint forms for electronic submission to the CCRTIS.

You have to go through two application steps if your employer or the local police require fingerprints for your criminal record check application:

  • Fingerprint recording
  • Provide reason for getting a certified criminal record check

Fees and Processing Times of Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks have different processing timeframes for their electronic submissions. For those undergoing manual processing or those who have a suspected criminal record, a timeframe of 120 business days is given. If the applicant has no criminal record matches, 3 days or less is required.

The local police agency determines local fees in addition to the federal fee that should be paid at Moncton City Hall. Criminal record checks cost $20, except for volunteer positions, and every criminal record check has a federal processing fee of $25.