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Online Criminal Record Check in Fredericton, CA

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Criminal Record Check Fredericton

There are many reasons that one may want to have their background record checked in Fredericton, and some of the reasons may include the following cases:

  • Foreign travels
  • Adoptions
  • Immigration
  • Citizenship
  • Volunteer work
  • Employment
  • Record Suspension application
  • Name change

Apply Now Instant Record Check

Where You Can Get Background Check in Fredericton

Police record checks in Fredericton can now be applied to online. All Fredericton residents can apply for their criminal records online or go to the Fredericton Police Force. There are many accredited companies like Instant Record Check that can help you through the process of application.

A name-based background check requires your name and date of birth and is used to search the RCMP and Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) data banks, Intelligence and Identification data banks, Police Information Portal (PIP), Provincial Justice Information System, and Fredericton Police Force Records Management System for any crime. In cases where fingerprints are required, it will also be run for a match in the record system.

The CIPC data bank has details about the individual’s charges, the outcome of the case and if the details have been shared elsewhere with agencies like Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the FBI, and many others.  

Any applicant wishing to have the results sent to other third parties must give consent to the RCMP to do so through the Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information form. If there is no matching record, a certified result stating the absence will be issued. However, if there is any, a certified result will be issued stating the fact. 

In the past, ink printing of fingers was used on C-216C forms, but now they are being replaced by digital fingerprinting.

Application Fee

An online application is easy and convenient, and Instant Record Check can help you because we’re professionals authorized to offer this service. The following are the application fees by the Fredericton police service

  • $30 plus taxes applied for the non-volunteer applicants and an additional $15 plus taxes for volunteer applicants. If you send your application with fees but fail to authenticate, an email will be sent to you with instructions to complete the process.
  • Immigration checks cost $30 plus taxes applied.
  • Checks for students costs $30 plus taxes applied.

In instances where fingerprints are required, the applicant will receive a call to schedule for an appointment.

At Fredericton police service, fingerprints for immigration, pardon, adoption, employment, foster parents and others are conducted only on Tuesdays between 9:00 am to 11:00 am and between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm with a fee of $40 plus taxes.

What Is Required When Applying for A Police Record Check?

Generally, two government issued IDs can be used to apply. The first document should have your name, date of birth, and a photo. The second identification document could be a medical card, baptism card, or any other government-issued document. The documents are used to authenticate a person’s identity.

If you want to know more details or have any questions regarding criminal record check applications in Fredericton, get in touch with Instant Record Check.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Apply Now Instant Record Check

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