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Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check Alberta, CA

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Home » Image » Safe and Secure Online Criminal Record Check Alberta, CA

Criminal Record Check Alberta

If you’ve made several job applications and you’re lucky to be offered a job at one of the companies, then there could be one final step you may be required to undertake. This final step could be a criminal records check. A criminal record check, also known as police information check, is a process that reveals your criminal record history once the system is given fed with your name and date of birth.

Additionally, the record check reveals any convictions, police engagements or any crime connected to your name.

If you are a resident of Alberta, conducting police record checks involve an online name-based search. Criminal record checks in Alberta can be conducted by any local police or any licenced third-party company like Instant Record Check. Get in touch with us for prompt and fast services.  On the other hand, if you require an in-person application, you can visit your nearest local police station.

Police record checks may be required for different reasons and not only when you’re offered an employment position. The following are some of the reasons you may require police records check:

  • Volunteering
  • Licenses
  • Record Suspension
  • US Entry Waiver
  • Travel
  • Educational programs

Apply Now Instant Record Check

How to Carry Out Criminal Record Check in Alberta

The criminal record check is a name-based search that can be performed wholly online and only requires your name and date of birth. It can be done by accredited companies or by going to your local police station in Alberta.

Instant Record Check is an accredited company that can assist you in Alberta and other parts of Canada to process criminal record checks.

How to Obtain Criminal Record Check In Alberta

To obtain your criminal record history you can use our services, where you can be sure that your information will be handled safely and professionally. Alternatively,

  1. Visit your nearest police station to obtain the police record check report. You can contact them for an in-person appointment or they may offer an online application.
  2. Afterwards, you will be required to provide the following information:
    • Your name in full
    • Date and place of birth
    • Your address
    • Photo ID
    • A facial recognition scan (online only)
    • Additional document verifying your identity
  3. At least one of the documents that you provide has to be government-issued, such as a passport, driver’s license, identity card, or birth certificate.
  4. There is a mandatory processing fee of $20.00.
  5. If everything is in order you have to wait for three to ten days to get your results if you do not have any criminal record. However, it could take 30 days or longer if you have a criminal record.

Certified Criminal Record Check

A certified criminal record requires all the above information and in addition, fingerprint documentation is required to establish the true identity of the applicant. You have to visit one of the accredited agencies, or police service in Alberta to document fingerprints.

For the list of all accredited agencies contact the RCMP’s CCRTIS.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Apply Now Instant Record Check

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