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CPIC Criminal Record Check

In the past, criminal record checks were a complex process because they included long wait times. One had to queue for long hours at the police station and then wait for a long time to receive the final results. Now, you have the option to do your criminal record check online removing the complexities in the original process.
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What is CPIC?

Royal Canada Mounted Police (RCMP) maintains the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) system where a person’s name and date of birth can be compared to establish if they have any criminal records. A police information check uses CPIC for criminal record checks.

Instant Record Check is a company that checks criminal record files for applicants on the CPIC database and obtains the report about a person and their criminal record.

CPIC provides a criminal record check that does not require the use of fingerprints in its search. It uses a person’s name and date of birth to search for any criminal conviction that matches the applicant’s given data.

It is a storage and retrieval system managed by the RCMP for the country’s policing community. It provides a wide range of information to aid in police information checks and operates 24-hours a day throughout the year. CPIC gives instant information on offenders and crimes to law enforcers, police departments, RCMP detachments, as well as territorial, provincial, federal agencies and accredited third party organizations.


Types of CPIC Criminal Record Checks

There are two types of CPIC checks available; standard and premium checks,

Typically, the standard CPIC check searches for only convictions while the premium searches for convictions as well as any other pending or withdrawn charges and other non-conviction data.

The Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database have information of;

  • People who have any criminal record.
  • People who are not criminally responsible for the offence due to mental disorders
  • People having pending provincial and federal charges
  • People who are currently on probation

Using CPIC to Check Criminal Record

As an applicant who wants to get a criminal record checks, you can do it online by contacting the police service near you for more information. You can also visit a police service station in person. 

Alternatively, you can use the services of a certified and accredited third-party organization like Instant Record Check. The only information required is your name in full and date of birth.  

Criminal record checks can be used by individuals or businesses. An individual may require a criminal record check for an employment opportunity. A may require potential employees to obtain a criminal record check, to save time when selecting an applicant. Due to this reason, many employers turn to agencies that provide online police checks. However, for such agencies to produce legal reports, they must be registered under the Criminal Records Act and obtain permission from potential employees.
Apply Now Instant Record Check

Apply Now Instant Record Check

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